Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs: The preferred choice for sustainability and endurance

The reasons to choose a metal roof for your home are endless! Metal roofing is ideally suited to our climate, resisting wind, rain, snow and ice in the winter and keeping your home cooler in the summer. It won't rot, making it ideal for mountainous areas, where a roof might experience months under snow. A metal roof won't break, split or warp, and is lightweight, durable and fireproof to boot.

Metal roofing resists moss and mildew and is not susceptible to termites or pests like other roofing materials. Modern steel roofing is simply a sound ecological choice. It's recyclable, which means it doesn't add to our landfills, and it doesn't deplete forests or oil reserves.

Forget the notion that metal roofs are noisy - modern day metal roofs do not magnify the noise of rain - in fact you are hard pressed to realize your roof is made from metal from inside the property.

Fisher Roofing works with Taylor Metal, an Oregon company which has set the platinum standard in green building practices.

Forget the stereo type of metal roofs, the beauty of a Taylor Metal Roof stands the test of time and dollar for dollar metal roofing provides the best value of all roofing products. Check out some of the features of metal roofs below:

  • Recycled Content - Taylor Metal products are 100% recyclable and made with the industry's highest percentage of recycled, post-consumer content (up to 60%).
  • Energy Efficient - A Taylor Metal roof can increase a building's energy efficiency by saving as much as 20% on summer utility bills
  • Resource Efficient - Taylor Metal products can virtually eliminate the use of future raw materials needed to produce and transport replacement building materials.

With the wide variety of metal roofing options, shapes, textures, finishes and colors available to today's consumers, there is sure to be one to compliment your home. Taylor metal roofs are suitable for residential and light commercial roofing applications.

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