Commercial Roofing CARE


Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements for your entire building. Regular inspection, maintenance and repair of a commercial roof are critical aspects for effective facility management. The weather in our region is constantly testing your roof's viability and strength. With a Fisher roofCARE program, you have a partner in the fight to maintain and extend the life of your roof, allowing you to continue to operate your business without interruption.

Peace of Mind

Happy tenants. As a property manager, happy tenants mean fewer "emergency" phone calls. With Fisher roofCARE, we have the expertise to understand your roof, and any issues that might come up from time to time. We'll be able to see areas of potential problems and correct them before they impact your business.

Extend Roof Longevity

Our industrial and commercial roofing experts will help you decide which level of Fisher roofCARE is right for your business. We evaluate your current roof, perform any necessary repairs, and then partner with you to give you the right level of service. By evaluating and maintaining your roof on a consistent basis, you'll extend the viability of your roof by years.

Fisher roofCARE, for office, warehouse, flex space and industrial, is available in 3 service levels: Prime, Advanced & Premier

Prime Advanced Premier
Clean roof of debris and inspect entire roofing system
Inspect all roof penetrations, flashings & sheet metal package
Inspect other roof item interfaces such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communications, and solar
Inspect and clean all roof drains, overflows, scuppers, leader heads and downspouts
Perform minor repairs while on-site and report any recommended actions
Priority One 24 hour service call
Before and after photo documentation of repairs
Roof safety inspection for compliance
On-site roof contact information
Recommendations for TI and new roof penetrations
Forecasting and ROI for future roof work
Warranty (Warranty is for workmanship on repairs we perform. It does not cover entire roof system or outside interfacing components) 1 yr 2 yr 2 yr
Reduced T+M rates on repair jobs
* Commercial service rates for this contract are fixed up to 3 years when signing a 3 year contract. Either party may cancel this agreement with a written 30-day notice of cancellation without penalty. CCB#45970
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